March 18, 2019

The Significance of the Hebrew letter ‘HEH’

significance of Heh

I’m sure many of you reading this today are familiar with the account of Abraham and Sarah who were blessed by God and promised to be made into a great nation (Genesis 12:2-3). With this in mind, I would like to share with you something God revealed to me as I was reading through the passage a few years ago before I had even come to know Him in His fullness. Looking back… I see that it was a foretaste of all the wonderful revelations that were to come.

I had read through this passage many times but this time I felt like there had to be a reason why God added this particular letter to the names of Abram and Sarai after making The Covenant with them. The Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) revealed to me that there was a reason and that reason was because the Hebrew letter ‘HEH’, which God added to their names, is extremely significant. 

The video below presented by “The Living Word” explains it further.

Let’s take a closer look at the letter. ‘HEH’ is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, meaning that its numerical value is five. Astonishingly, this letter is said to represent the ‘grace’ and ‘goodness’ of God which in the story of Abraham and Sarah is not surprising because despite their many shortcomings God still kept His promise with them to provide them with a legal heir to make them ‘exceedingly fruitful’. Therefore, God literally added the letter ‘HEH’ to both Abram’s and Sarai’s names to symbolise the fact that He added His Spirit into their lives, working through them both in many ways. Isn’t He incredible?

I’m sure many of you have remarked on the fact that the name He used to introduce Himself: YHVH has not one but two HEHs! YHVH translates to ‘I AM WHO I AM’. Now this is purely unfathomable by the human brain because who can fully know the greatness of God. Human beings lose their hair trying to study the work of His hands through the natural sciences such as Physics and Chemistry. He is so awesome and powerful! Worthy of praise and honour! This is the reason why the Psalmist says “The heavens declare the glory of God.” ~ Psalm 19. The recurring HEH in His name highlights the fact that He is loving, caring and gracious to His people Israel and the rest of the world too due to His sacrifice for us on the cross through Yeshua (Jesus).

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